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Xianhu Botanical Garden

Spoken highly as a haven of peace and harmony, Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden has over 3,000 species of plants, which are live in such a Chinese classic garden.

If you travel in Shenzhen, the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden is a must-see, which is built in 1983. As it is well known, it is a renowned botanical garden and scenic area, and functions as a center for scientific research, education and tourism. More than 6,200 species of plants are preserved in different divisions, such as International Ex Situ Conservation Center for Cycads, Gymnosperms Garden, Bamboos Garden, Medicinal Plants Garden, Shady Plants Garden, and Bonsai Garden, International Magnolia Garden, Rare and Endangered Trees Garden, Palm Garden, Cacti and Succulents, Aquatic Plants Garden, Cryptogamic Garden, etc.

The whole garden is divided into six major scenic areas, for example, the Conifers and Azalea Area, the Heaven and Earth Area, the Lake Area, the Temple Area, the Desert Landscape Area and Petrified Forest Area. Additionally, there are many Chinese classic garden buildings distributed randomly in these areas, namely Jade Belt Bridge, Liangyi Pavilion, Longzhun Tower and Lansheng Pavilion. Beside, the Palaeontological Museum is also located inside the garden, exhibiting all kinds of fossils. Thus, you can learn the history of the plants.

Covering with lush lawn and various trees, Shenzhen Fairy Lake Botanical Garden provides an earthly heaven combining the beautiful nature and garden landscape for you.

Surrounded by mountains and embedded with a lake, the climate of the garden is so pleasant that you can enjoy the picturesque scenery there with many plants. Fortunately, the garden collect over 600 kinds of cacti and succulents, most of which came from America and Africa. Because of their unique shape and color, they become more and more popular among visitors. As a consequence, the garden built an over 10,000 square meter Desert Landscape Area, which mainly comprise of three large gardens, African Garden, American Garden, Asian Garden. As one of famous attractions in China, it is worth visiting and you will love it.

Xianhu Botanical Garden Notes

If setting off from the railway station, visitors can take No. 220 bus to the stop of Fairy Lake Botanical Garden.
If setting off from Shenzhen Airport, visitors can take Airport Shuttle Line 6 (306) to Yinhu bus station, and transfer to No. 218 bus to the stop of Fairy Lake Botanical Garden.
Other city buses, like 27,57,65,111,113,K113,218,220,311,333,336 and 382 can take you there as well.

Ticket Fare:

Full Ticket: 20 Yuan for adults and children over 1.4 meters tall.
Half Ticket: 10 Yuan for children within 1.1-1.4 meters and the senior from 60-69 years old
Free Ticket: Children below 1.1 meters, elders over 70 years old and the disabled
Opening Hours: 6: 00-23: 00