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  • Shenzhen Climate

  • Shenzhen weather is mild and with abundant sunshine and rainfall all year round because of its subtropical marine climate. The measured averaging temperature is 22.4C (72.32F) . Summers are long but not overly hot and winters are short but relatively warm, making Shenzhen a pleasant tourist attraction in all four seasons.

    Morever, it should perhaps be noticed that Shenzhen, situated at the estuary of the Pearl River, is therefore an area often faced directly with typhoons. Generally speaking, the strongest typhoons occur from May to December, especially from July to September. While the most ideal time to visit here is actually August to September when different kinds of celebrations are held. What's more, the China Hi-Tech Fair is held here in Shenzhen from the 12th to the 17th of October every year. It is therefore always recommended to make reservations well before you go visit to Shenzhen as the area is particularly  hustle and bustle of large crowds during these days.