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  • Shenzhen Food and Restaurants

  • Many people regard Guangdong as the paradise for food,esp. in Shenzhen. It is because that Shenzhen welcome all kinds of Chinese cuisine and even the food of the whole world. Cantonese cuisine, also known as Yue Cai, is the most popular one. Guangdong Cuisine contains Guangzhou, Chaozhou and Dongjiang food. Yue Cai dishes are extremely delicious, light, refreshing and nutritious.

    Most restaurants and victualing house in Shenzhen provide emulable service to your specific request. Prices change due to venue. Fast food branches and small shops representatively provide cheap dishes while prices at slap-up restaurants can be extremely high.

    There are many outdoor eating places offering snacks until the the late night. However some may fear these places are a bit unhygienic, nonetheless, the food here is quite delicious.


    • 1. Here listed below are the dishes in Shenzhen city


    (1) Gongming Roasted Goose 
    Roasted Goose in Gongming Town (Bao’an District) is known for its rich color and succulent taste. The crispy skin is bright gold on the outside, and the meat is very tender; a bit fatty but not greasy.

    (2) Salted Baked Chicken 
    Salted baked chicken is one of the main Hakka dishes. Like other Hakka dishes, it is plain in appearance yet full of flavor, with crispy skin on the outside and tender juicy meat inside. Legend has it that a Hakka woman once prepared this dish for her invalid husband and shortly after eating it his health was restored.

    Other treasures of Hakka cuisine, including Yong Tau Foo (stuffed tofu, or Niang Dou Fu in Chinese), stuffed eggplant (Niang Qie Zi) and stuffed momordica (Niang Ku Gua), are all good complments to the salted baked chicken. These dishes are known for their attractive colors and unique tastes.

    (3) Roast Suckling Pig
    Roast suckling pig belongs to Cantonese cuisine and is very popular in Shenzhen. The chef prepares it by first skewering a small piglet, and then roasting it over an open fire. No two restaurants taste the same since each have developed their own seasoning recipe. Once cooked, the roasted piglet is cut into small rectangular pieces. Dining etiquette requires that you wait for the server to place a piece of crispy bacon or small piece of meat before you. Usually, it is served with a small plate of lace like egg-roll skins along with slivers of cucumber, and a dark barbecue sauce.


    • 2. Here listed below are the restaurants in Shenzhen city


    There are a number of food streets in Shenzhen providing masses of snacks. You can easily see Bagua Yilu Food Street Huanqiangbei Area, Dongmen Food Street and Yantian Sea Food Street, among which, Huaqiangbei Area is the largest eating center in Shenzhen.

    (1) Huaqiangbei Area
    Huanqianbei refers to Zhenxing Lu, Huafa Lu, Yannan Lu and Zhonghang Lu in Huaqiang Commercial Center. Here you'll find a great variety of Sichuan, Anhui and Cantonese cuisine.
    Bus routes: 219

    (2) Bagua Yilu Food Street
    Great place to taste traditional dishes from all over China. Bagua Yilu Food Street is the home of the famous ''Huiji'' Snake Restaurant. While inexpensive Cantonese and Sichuan dishes can be found here, Shanxi and Dongbei (Northeast) cuisine tends to be a bit pricier.
    Bus routes: 11, 102, 111, 212, 213, 315, 320, 322, 333, 357, 360

    (3) Yantian Seafood Street
    Yantai Seafood Street offers delicious and nutritious Hakka and Chaozhou cuisine. Fresh sea products are lightly steamed and specially-made sauce is added.

    (4)Dongmen Food Street
    In the heart of Shenzhen's shopping haven, Dongmen Food Street serves an extensive array of snacks from all over China.
    Bus routes: 1, 3, 102, 103, 106, 113, 203, 206, 209, 351, 369


    • 3. Here listed below are the snacks in Shenyang city


    (1) Morning Tea in Shenzhen
    Morning tea has graced the menus of Guangdong province for ages. It is considered the best way to catch up with new and old friends while enjoying a pleasant dim sum. The tradition emphasizes the leisurely morning activities and many times morning tea will feel like a light brunch since Shenzhenese will extend their morning teatime to the lunch hour. In fact several restaurants in Shenzhen now serve up fresh dim sum all day long.

    (2) Dim sum
    This light delicacy is usually eaten with tea. Dim sum comes in so many varieties that it’s hard to categorize. But generally speaking, it can be divided into three main groups: meaty, dessert-type and fruity. Often referred to as the “Chinese Tapas”, many dim sum dishes look like small dumplings with slight openings for adding soy sauce, chili sauce or Chinese vinegar. They are usually served in a small steamed basket or in small plates. Variety is the feature of dim sum with such dishes as shrimp dumplings, Chiu-chao style dumplings, potstickers, Cha shao bao (barbecued pork bu), Shanghai steamed buns, phoenix talons, lotus leaf rice, congee, spring rolls as well as sweets such as egg tart, Mango pudding and sweet cream buns.

    • 4. Here listed below are the morning tea places in Shenyang city


    (1) Tang Palace
    Popular Hong Kongese eatery known for its tasty and affordable dim sum, seafood and authentic Cantonese dishes. Be prepared to wait for a table.
    Dongmen Branch
    Add: 6F, Zhonghai Business City, 1 Xinyuan Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-82178790
    Bus routes: 11, 101, 102, 103, 203, 206
    Hongling Branch
    Add: 1/F, Bldg 5, Hongling Building, 1045 Shennan Zhonglu, Futian District, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-25866892, 25866150

    (2) Feng Huang Lou
    Exquisite dim sum at moderate prices. Best to come early as dim sum is a favorite weekend dish loved by the Shenzhenese. Membership card available.
    Opening hrs for Morning Tea: Mon.-Fri.: 7:30-14:00, Sat./Sun.: 7:30-15:00
    Add: 2-3/F, east quarter of The Pavilion Hotel, 4002 Huaqiang Beilu, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-82076183, 82076688, 82076338
    Bus routes: 65, 80, 212, 303, 375

    (3) Ying Hai Yu Gang
    Typical Cantonese fare serving up morning tea. Tasty and affordable dim sum with such dishes as shrimp dumpling, cheese pudding and barbecued pork bun.
    Recommended: shrimp dumpling, cheese pudding and barbecued pork bun
    Average cost per person: RMB 50
    Add: 2F&3F, Jinwei Mansion, 27 Jiabin Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-25586300
    Opening hrs: 9:00 am-12:00 pm
    Bus routes: 7, 8, 418, K12

    (4) Jin Long Chuan Restaurant
    Morning tea and fresh dim sum dishes made to order.
    Add: 1-3/F, Parkview Tower, 88 Songyuan Lu, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-25887116

    (5) Chun Man Yuan Times Square Branch
    Popular eatery serving morning tea and tasty dim sum. Usually a full house on weekends.
    Add: 3F, Times Square, 1008 Jintian Nanlu, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-83863888

    (6) Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaves 
    Best known for its heavy lotus leaf flavor, this rice delicacy is stuffed with preserved meat, dried mushrooms, chicken and seafood. Derived from a traditional Guandong dish, Lo Mai Gai (sticky rice and chicken).
    Add: Zhongxing Lu and Leyuan Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen

    (7) Braised Spare Ribs 
    Originally from Macao, this main dish consists of spare ribs stewed in soup and served in a small pot which is constantly heated. The soup simmers with wolfberries, spices and spare ribs for at least five hours before serving. The result is succulent, tender and tasty spare ribs. Braised spare ribs are a popular night food in Xiangxi Village (Luohu District).

    (8) Chaozhou Porridge
    Porridge is a main Chaozhou dish, enjoyed as a white porridge or as a salt porridge with seafood added.

    (9) Jin Dao Yuan Porridge in Casserole
    Porridge lovers will not be disappointed. This specialty shop also serves tasty casserole.
    This porridge specialty shop serves the best Casserole. Enjoy Kungfu Tea while waiting.
    Recommended: porridge in casserole. Average cost per person RMB 60

    (10) Leyuan Lu Branch
    Add: Intersection of Zhongxing Lu, 99 Leyuan Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-25157223