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  • Shenzhen Nightlife

  • In order to have a full view of Shenzhen, tourists cannot miss Shenzhen Nightlife. After a busy and stressful workday, the locals prefer to spend their time in bars and clubs, especially the young.


    • 1. Bars and Clubs

    Shenzhen has two fantanstic lanes known for wonderful bars and clubs. One situated in Huaqiao City. The bars on this street are favored by the young. The other one lies in the Sea World Square of Shekou District of Shenzhen. More than a dozen bars and cafes are locatec here, many of them catering to foreign visitors. Below are some recommendations:


    (1) Base Bar
    This bar has a red and black color scheme and features rock bands.
    Shangbu location: No.1019, Shangbu South Road
    Serviced by bus routes: 113, 204, 223 and 311
    Hours of operation: 19:00 to 02:00 the next day
    Nanshan location: the 1st and 2nd floor of the West Seashore, Nanyou Road
    Serviced by bus routes: 113 and 328
    Hours of operation: 19:30 to 02:00 the next day

    (2) True Color Bars
    There are three locations in Shenzhen. These bars feature live bands and jazz music.
    Guoqi location: the 25th floor of Guoqi Mansion, Shanbu South Road, Futian District. Buses routes 4, 8, 12, 25, 29, 202, 302, 414, 416, 421, 426 and 523 stop here.
    Dongyuan location: the 3rd and 4th floor of Dongyuan Mansion, Dongyuan Road, Futian District. Bus routes 7, 8, 14, 23, 24, 29, 30, 33, 352, 353, K302, 548B, 406, 408, 416, 421, 426, 428 and 446 stop here.
    Dongmen location: the 4th floor of Gold World Business Center of Dong Men, Jiefang Road, Luohu District. Bus routes 3, 10, 103, 113, 215, 220, 223, 309, 311, 351, 454 and 483 stop here.

    (3) Lao Dou Bar
    Known for its unique decorative style, this bar has an area for people to sample a variety of red wines.
    Address: Jiahua New City, No. 3027 of Shennan Middle Road, Futian District
    Hours of operation: 18:30 to 02:00 the next day


    • 2.Cafés

    (1) Ming Tien Coffee Language
    Nanshan location: Yihai Square, No.90, Chuangye Road, Nanshan District
    Maoyuan location: the 2nd floor of Maoyuan Mansion, Baoan South Road, Luohu District
    Zhenxing location: No.73, Zhenxing Middle Road, Futian District

    (2) UBC Coffee
    Fuhua location: No.146, Fuhua Road, Futian District
    Nanshan location: Toa Yuan, Nanshan Street, Nanshan District

    (3) Starbucks Café
    Maoye location: the 2nd floor of Moaye Department Store, Huaqing North Road, Futian District
    Wanxiang location: Wanxiang City, Huarun Center, Baoan South Road, Luohu District
    Jianingna location: Jianningna Square, Renmin South Road, Luohu District