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Silk Road

Silk Road Culture

During the history from the second century B.C. to the fifteenth century A.D., splendid civilizations among India, Rome, China, Greece and Persia were exchanged along this famous Silk Road. A really land "Cultural Bridge" between Asia and Europe. Also there was a sea Silk Road among China, India and Africa through the Chinese Sea and the Indian Ocean started from Qin Dynasty in 219 B.C, however, t... More

Silk Road History

Facts Originated from Chang’an (Xian) of China and ended at the Mediterranean in the west, Silk road was started from the second century BC and ended at the end of the fourteenth century AD. It was the major trade route between China with the Roman Empire and it was named the Silk Road in 1877 by Ferdinand von Richthofen – a well-known German geographer. With this road, China, India, Persia, Arab... More

Silk Road Route

Facts In the Han Dynasty, the Silk Road was originated from Chang'an (Xian), then ran through Gansu Province via Tianshui, Lanzhou, Wuwei, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan (an important military garrison and barrier of the Great Wall) and Dunhuang along the Hexi Corridor. Dunhuang is the key point along this road, where numerous precious Buddhist sutras were brought here from the India. You can learn ... More

Silk Road Sightseeing

Facts Covering Shaanxi, Gansu, Hexi Corridor and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Silk Road has many notable scenery and historic relics scattered along this historical museum and natural art corridor.   The Starting Point of the Silk Road Xian  city, which was the starting point of the Silk Road, has a large number of scenic spots, such as Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Museum of Qin Terra-cotta War... More

Silk Road Tips

Travelling along the old Silk Road could be a quite interesting and rewarding experience; however, if you are not prepared well with the information of its people, surroundings, languages, food, etc., it will disappoint you more or less. The more you know, the better trip you have.   Language  With about 20 different nationalities (ethnic groups) on the road, it will be impossible to have a ful... More