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Jingyuan Garden

Built in 1921, Jingyuan Garden, also named Qianyuan Garden, has a history of 80 years and it is a famous residence combined both Chinese and European architecture style. It is now one of the heritage sites under city protection and the important historic architecture under the special protection in the municipality of Tianjin.

Jingyuan Garden was the private residence of Lu Zongyu, minister-counselor to Japan appointed by the Northern Warlords’ Government. Later Jingyuan Garden got its current name from Puyi, the last emperor of China during the Qing Dynasty on July 1929 when he settled here with his wives. “Jing” means stillness in English and the Garden was named by the emperor who tried to strengthen himself with noble spirit by living in a peaceful environment.

Jingyuan Garden, with an area of 3360 square meters, consists of three sets of courtyards, the front courtyard, the back courtyard and the side courtyard. The main building is a two-storied Spanish architecture. The first floor serves as a living room, a guest rooms a dining room and a kitchen, while the second floor as bedrooms, a chamber and a library. The exterior walls and balconies with projecting brims were used to add more room to the building.

A garden was built in front of the garden, in which enormous poplars, pagoda trees and cloves are planted and some ponds and pavilions are constructed. Besides, a reception office, a kitchen, a tennis court and a garage will be built on the northeast side of the garden.

Jingyuan Garden integrates different architecture styles, such as Spanish and Japanese. The structure and material of gates are of typical Japanese style, simple and plain, while the low pitched roof and the detailed decoration are of obvious Spanish architecture style.

The garden is now displayed following its original arrangements of furniture and adornments. And there also exhibit some paper materials and photos related with the daily life and political life of Pu Yi, the last emperor of China.

Jingyuan Garden Notes

Admission Fee:CNY20
Ticketing hours: 8:30-10:30
Location: No. 70, Anshan Road, Heping District,
Bus Route:  Take Bus No. 3, 50, 673, 632 and 800 and get off at the stop of Anshan Avenue.
Opening Hours: 9:00-11:30 from every Thursday to Sunday; Access all day during New Year's Day, Labor Day and National Day (9:00-11:30、14:30-16:00), but closed during the Spring Festival