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Lijia Dragon Palace

Features of Lijia Dragon Palace


Lijia Dragon Palace contained 3 sets, the upper, the center and also the lower of grand constructions in Tang Dynasty (618-907). There have been forests of towering buildings and grand palaces here. Lijia Dragon Palace has been the sacrificial place for all Li’s descendants from Tang Dynasty on.

The main sacrificial hall, Longxi Ancestral Hall, is found beside Weihe River in Renshoushan Government workplace within the southern suburb of the county city of Longxi. The constructions within the temple contain the monumental archway, Taibai Restaurant, and also the sacrificial space. The newly designed Main Sacrificial Hall is situated within the middle compound. The memorial tablets of 3 famous Lipeople within the history, Li Lizhen (the initial ancestor of Li’s family), Li’er [Laozi, or Lao-tzu. Laozi is that the name of a legendary Taoist thinker, the author of the first Chinese text higher known within the West because the Daodejing, and also the moniker of a deity within the pantheon of organized “religious Daoism” that arose throughout the later Han Dynasty (206BC-220)] and Li Chong [the last Protector General of the Western Regions before japanese Han] are discovered within the hall.


Lijia Dragon Palace Notes

1. The opening time is from 8:00 to 18:00.
2. special tourist buses to the scenic area are available from Tianshui City.