Educational Summer Vacation

Long expected summer vacation is coming! All students from primary school, middle school and colleges have totally free time of their own! As summer is among the best periods to visit China, we carefully make these 2011 summer vacation packages. Except the most famous tourist destinations and attractions, students will get more knowledge through local school & family exchange, traditions learning, and culture exploration. Come and have a best time in China!

2012 Educational Travel to Ancient Capital

Educational Travel to Ancient Capital :
5 days
From $350 p/p

Beijing is an ancient imperial city in the old times. Some historical heritages are protected well, such as the imperial architecture-Forbidden City, the largest square-Tiananmen Square and the world wonder- Great Wall. If go out early, you can learn the Taichi lesson in front of Temple of Heaven. In the evening, have a taste of Beijing Dumplings.

2012 Summer Holliday to Orient Water Towns

Summer Holliday to Orient Water Towns:
5 days
From $379 p/p

Summer Vacation starts, let's make a plan to travel out. Eastern China Tour is a wise choice. Usually, prosperous cities have not the heart-breaking scenery and natural scenery cities have not modern markets. Eastern China tour can meet both of the requirements. Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou are the well develped tour destinations. You can travel comfortably with happiness.

2012 Summer Camp to Secular Paradise

Guilin, Longsheng, Yangshuo, Guilin
Summer Camp to Secular Paradise:
6 days
From $369 p/p

West and east, Guilin landscape is the best. Have a pratical lesson to the natural limestone cave with multicolored lighting- Reed Flute Cave. Our guide will accompany you and your friends to have a visit to Zhuang and Yao minority villages. Time is valuable, let's make this summer different and special.

2012 Summer Exploration in South of the Cloud

Guilin, Longsheng, Yangshuo, Guilin

The centuries-old history gives birth to the mysterious and distinct historical culture. In spite of the historical tour destinations, South China tour destinations are also loved by many foreigners. Start your summer vacation there. The leisure life style and the comfortable will live you a unforgetable summer holiday.

2012 Summer Vacation for Chinese Kungfu

Luoyang, Xian
Summer Vacation for Chinese Kungfu:
7 days
From $490 p/p

Do you want to explore something distinct during your Summer Vacation? Ask your classmates to come to the Kongfu base, Shaolin Temple, Luoyang, China. Kungfu and Shaolin Temple are familiare by people around the world. Our travel agency will arrange you to visit Shaolin Martial Arts School to exchange with students there. Neighbour to Luoyang, Xian is the best city to learn China history. Make your outlook brighter from here.