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1 2012 Silver Ornaments & Embroidery Expo held in Kaili
2 White Swan From Siberia Hibernate to the Sanmenxia
3 Most Parts of China were Attacked by the First Cold Air
4 The Round Trip From Hefei to Beijing in One Day Become the Truth
5 The Third Flower Exposition Held in Yichun,Jiangxi
6 Xian "Capsule" Apartment Highly welcomed
7 Longsheng Terraces is Approaching the Best View Period
8 Inbound Tourism in China Ranks Third in the World
9 World Traditional Wushu Championships is to Launch in Huangshan
10 Ancient Silk Road Promotes Integrated Tour Brand
11 Traditional Jiuhua Mountain Temple Fair to Hold in September
12 2012 Tibet Yarlung Cultrual Festival opens
13 Changli International Wine Festival to Hold in August
14 Qingdao to Shijiazhuang to Lanzhou Air Route to Launch
15 Closing Ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games Begins
16 Highlights of Synchro Swimming finals at London Olympics
17 Beijing Holds Qianmen Historical Culture Festival
18 Two Sites in Tiananmen Square Apply for World Heritage Sites
19 The Direct Flight between Urumqi and Astana is to Launch
20 Dancing opera performed at opening ceremony of Silk Road Tourism Festival
21 Inter City Music Festival to Open in Qingdao
22 2012 Italy Super Cup Meets China iin August
23 Beijing-Yichang Direct Express Went into Operation
24 Potala Palace Extends Visiting Hours amid Travel Rush
25 Yao Minority Shaiyi Festival is to Launch
26 Air Routes between North China Cities Launched
27 Guangzhou Realizes Air and Ground Joint Services
28 First Inner Mongolia Self-Drive Nadam Tour is to Kick Off
29 Red Tourism Season Starts in Yanan
30 2012 West Lake Lotus Expo Kicked Off
31 Xining West to Lhasa Train K9811/2 Restored
32 Heilongjiang to Host Forest Ecological Tourism Festival
33 The 6th World Tourism Image Ambassador Contest Launched
34 First Inner Mongolia-Taiwan Air Route is to Launch
35 Direct Flight between Tianjin and Hailar Resumes in Summer Vacation
36 Xi'an Chanba National Wetland Park is to Open Next May
37 Fishing Ban Starts in South China Sea
38 West Lake Allows Free Admission
39 Haikou-Singapore-Perth Flights is to Launch
40 Hainan Seven Fairies Hot Spring Water Fun Day to be held in August
41 Night Show of Mirage Guilin is to Stage Tonight
42 Tourism Charter Flights between Nanning and Jeju Launched
43 Summer Palace Opens Sida Buzhou
44 Chang'an Tower is to Reopen for Culture Exhibition
45 People Can Appreciate Longmen Grottoes at Night
46 More Train Ticket Vending Machines Will Be Added in Lhasa
47 Fuel Surcharge of China Domestic flights has rised
48 Flights Between Guangzhou and Koh Samui to Operate from March 20
49 Chimpanzees Celebrate the Spring Lantern Festival
50 Guangzhou-Hong Kong High-Speed Rail Is Open
51 Beijing Blue Harbor Lighting Festival
52 The 74th Anniversary for Nanjing Massacre
53 "Tiantian" and "Yangguang" Settle Down in UK
54 UNESCO Approves Chinese Shadow Play
55 Win-Win Strategy of US and China After AEPC
56 "Cats Bar" in Kunming, Yunnan Province
57 Miss Tourism in Mount Dragon and Tiger
58 Opening Ceremony of China International Travel Mart
59 Forbidden City-Hot Tourist Spot of Golden Week
60 Kongcheng Old Street Cultural Festival to Start during National Holiday
61 Qingdao Enters the Top 10 China Most Popular Tourist Destinations
62 World Highest Ferris Wheel Opens on September 1
63 Shandong Long Island Seafood Festival to Kick off From September 3
64 Eastern Sea Area of Indonesia Occurred Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake
65 World First Solar-powered Boat Arrives In Hong Kong
66 Tianjin Night Tour with Double Deck Sightseeing Bus
67 Watching China Old Movies Under Badaling Great Wall
68 First Beijing Dragon Lake International Cate Tourism Festival is Coming
69 Beijing Encounters Lightning Storm on August 9th
70 First Aircraft Carrier Hotel in Tianjin
71 Typhoon Plum Blossom Is Approaching Zhejiang Province
72 Typhoon Plum Blossom Is Approaching Shandong
73 High Speed Railway from Guangzhou to Shenzhen is to Open
74 Urumqi Met Fearful Sand Storm on August 3rd
75 Kunming Policemen Patrol on August 3rd
76 Dali Entitled the Cultural City by CRI
77 ITCM CHINA 2012
78 Kashgar Attacked by Terrorists on July 30 2011
79 Lanzhou Silk Road International Tourism Festival to Kick Off From July 30th
80 Qingdao International Beer Festival 2011
81 2011 Naadam Festival in Hohhot to held
82 No Eating in Xian Subway Carriage
83 No Fixed Route Cruise from Shanghai to South of Japan Restored
84 Bullet Train D3115 Crashed In East China
85 Yichang to Hong Kong Scheduled Service is Available
86 Tibet Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Peaceful Liberation On July 19th
87 76 Years Old Traveler with 15 Years Bicycle Touring Experiences in China
88 China Slams Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama
89 The 26th World University Games to hold in Shenzhen China
90 Mumbai in India Attacked by Serial Blasts
91 The Shoton Festival To Kick Off On August 29th, 2011
92 Beijing International Beer Festival to Kick Off from July 16th
93 Express Train Between Haikou and Chengdu Opened on July 1st
94 Rainforest Theme Zone Opened in Hong Kong Ocean Park
95 West Lake Cultural Landscape In China Inscribed On World Heritage List
96 Direct Flight From Urumchi To Istanbul To Open On July 11
97 The 20th Turpan Grape Festival To Kick Off On August 18
98 Taiwan High Speed Rail Troubled by Earth Sinking
99 Chinese Tourists Can Now Drive to DPRK
100 Man Draws 1 Yuan at a Time to Revenge Bank
101 Woman Wins Praise for Standing by Her Man
102 Masked Woman Claims She Hands Out Money to the Poor
103 China to invest 36billion Yuan on Yangtze waterway
104 Chinese tourists lead global shopping
105 Red Total Lunar Eclipse on July 16
106 Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway
107 Torrential Rains to Continue in Jiangxi Province
108 Improve the Travel Market of One Day Tour
109 Torrential Rains to Continue in South China
110 ILTM Asia in Shanghai
111 Beijing-Tianjin High Speed Train Tickets Sold Online
112 Heavy Rainfall in Wuhan
113 Direct Flight from Xiamen to Angkor Wat
114 China Approves Eight 5A Tourist Attractions
115 Chinese Airlines Raises Fuel Surcharges From May 26
116 The 14th FINA World Championship to Kick Off from July 16th in Shanghai China
117 Dragon Boat Festival To Come On June 6th
118 Real Benefit of First National Tourism Day of China
119 Shanghai Underground Cultural Plaza Theater
120 Chinese Two Scenic Spots Added To 2011 World Heritage Site Candidate List
121 Burundi drum show at Horticultural Expo
122 Xian International Horticultural Exposition kicks off
123 Museum of Rural Film History Opened in Dali
124 Grand Opening of First Circus Festival in Tangshan
125 Alliance of Yellow River Tour is on the Way
126 2011 Xitang International Tourist Festival
127 CASS Issued Report on Chinese Civilian Tourist Attention
128 28th International Kites Show Opened in Weifang
129 Rape Flowers in Huangshan
130 Sichuan International Cultural Tourism Festival in April
131 Shanghai Happy Valley to Open Water Park
132 The Bus of Hefei to Sanhe Will Be Opened
133 Wushan Will Be Chongqing's Business Card
134 West Lake International Tea Cultural Expo Opened in Hangzhou
135 China Forest Tourist Festival Opened in Wenzhou
136 Massive Quake Rocks Japan
137 Nanjing Builds National Geological Park in Jiangnin District
138 Thousand Islets Lake Holds All-China Bicycle Clubs Summit
139 Tangshan Operates Special Tourist Trains
140 Hangzhou Constructs Sightseeing Area Along Qiantang River
141 Rizhao Builds Fairyland Seaside Park
142 Qingdao Operates Four Buses Lines Through Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel
143 Ningbo Builds China Education Museum
144 Qinhuai Lanterns Show Applies to World Intangible Cultural Heritage
145 Suzhou Holds International Tourist Festival & Costume Expo
146 Additional 5A Scenic Areas in Hubei Approved
147 Garden of Master of Nets Opens New Tourists' Center
148 Shenyang constructs China Industry Museum
149 2011 China Cultural Tour Starts in Hefei
150 Qingdao Constructs the Leading Sakura Park
151 Gulangyu Regulates Dominant Hue
152 Spring Tour Boosts Fujian Tour after Spring Festival
153 Shanghai is to build Disneyland
154 Tianjin holds Asia Snow Polo Games
155 Mt. Jiuhua Airport Opens within 2011
156 Tianjin is to Build National Ocean Museum
157 Yiwu Focus on Rural Tourist Next Years
158 Zhengzhou Holds Fireworks Performance during Lantern Festival
159 Investment over RMB 50 Billion to Boost Hangzhou Tour
160 Valentine's Day boasts Guangdong Tourism
161 Hainan Regulates Tourists Pricing System
162 Chongqing Ciqikou Ancient Town Took Fire
163 Beijing Invests RMB 1 Billion to Boost Capital Tourism Every Year
164 Room Reservation Goes Stable in Sanya
165 Chengdu's Grand Temple Fair
166 Beijing is about to Build New Airport
167 Forbidden City Treasures Get Free Exhibition
168 The Worshipping Heaven Ceremony to be held in Beijing
169 Fine Weather May Ease Festival Traffic Disruption in South China