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Dealing with Emergencies


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What should I do if I lose my luggage at the airport?

1. Inquire the Airport Luggage Services Department and the staff of airport with boarding pass and luggage check, and the system can find out your luggage normally.
2. For the luggage transited by the next class, if the waiting time is short, you can wait for the next class; if the waiting is too long, you can require the airport to send the luggage to your hotel with time commitment by filling out a claim form.
3. The airline will pay you the money of clothes in advance freely if the process needs to take too much time. If the luggage is lost, the airline will compensate for you. The average compensation standards are 50CNYper kg for domestic flights and 20 U.S. dollars per kg for international flights.

What should I do if I lose my passport?

1. Check every possible place, and contact with your tour guide.
2. Report the loss to the nearby police station, and a certificate of loss will be issued for you.
3. Contact embassy of your country and apply for a replacement passport in person.
4. Apply for the new visa with the new passport in Public Security Bureau.

What should I do if I am stolen or robbed?

1. Call for your guide for help
2. Report immediately to the nearby police station
3. Call 110 on site
4. If in hotel, inform the staff of the hotel immediately

What should I do if I lose my credit card?

If the credit card marked with MasterCard or VISA gets lost, you can call the Emergency Services of VISA International or MasterCard International for help.
Here is the Emergency Services Phone List of some countries and regions.
1. Report the loss to the issuing bank to prevent unauthorized use of card.
2. Apply for emergency operations. The international organizations will require the credit card issuing bank to submit the information of the cardholder and decide whether to provide emergency assistance or not. The emergency assistance includes Emergency Replacement Card and Emergency Cash Withdrawal. The procedure fees will be charged from the card.
The Emergency Replacement Card is only for general use. Functions of Cash Advance Service by phone and ATM are not available. The period of validity is only two weeks or a month. The service of Emergency Replacement Card will take more than 48 hours.
The Emergency Cash Withdrawal can only be used for one time. The amount depends on the information of cardholder.
And more than 48 hours are needed to confirm the news.

What should I do if I get lost?
1. Call your guide for help
2. Take a taxi and show the driver the name card of your hotel
3. Lost himself is an interesting experience for someone. You can ask strangers, wander on streets, have meals at a small restaurant and take pictures and so on.

What should I do if I fall sick?
1. For minor discomforts, you can drink more water, sleep longer or have a rest.
2. For serious illness and extreme discomforts, you can call 120 or go to nearby hospital directly with the help of guide.

What are the emergency phone numbers in China?
In China Mainland

In Hong Kong
999-fire, emergency and alarm