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Tips on Senior and Disabled Travelers


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Nowadays, Chinese people are very kind and friendly and China has become more convenient for senior and disabled travelers, such as basic constructions, Blind Road, barrier-free facilities.
Here are some advices to senior and disabled travelers.

Before Departure
1. Have physical examination, and obtain the approval of your doctor before departure, and find accompaniers to treat you.
2. Prepare the medicine that you have at usual times, and other common medicines for carsickness, hypertension and diarrhea and so on. Consult the airline company for the related policies with taking drugs.
3. Choose the suitable destinations, which do not need to spend a lot of strength, don’t need to climb too high or change the transportations frequently.
4. Confirm the weather of your destination and prepare suitable clothes.
5. Consult the travel agents for the special aspects to pay more attention to and inform the agents your need and services.
6. Follow the advice of your guides to keep safety.

What to Carry
1. Travel price, insurance and documents in written;
2. Credit cards and traveler's checks;
3. Passport and visas.
4. Loose and comfortable clothes

1. Keep your passport and various documents separately.
2. Note the travel advice from your government and the security requirements from airlines.
3. Better leave valuables at home. If carried, much attention is needed; or you can have your friends kept for you.
4. Left the copies of your itinerary at home for your family; and tell your family what valuables you take.
5. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to avoid dehydration
6. Do light exercises to help blood circulation on plane
7. Contact your airline, cruise and hotel in advance and disclose your requirements.
8. Have the diets in hotels or restaurants with better sanitary environments.