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Tips on Tibet Travel


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I. Best Season to Tibet
Generally speaking, the best months to travel Tibet are May, June, September and October. For visitors traveling by air, there will be no any problem; however, for visitors entering by Sichuan-Tibet Highway Tibet, the rainy season has to be avoided when mudslides, cave-ins and mire occurs on certain sections between Lhasa and Nyingchi and between Lhasa and Ngari.

II. Tibet Travel Permits
According to Chinese government regulations, independent travelers are forbidden from traveling to Tibet. Tibet Travel Permit is needed to enter Tibet. Issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, the Tibet Travel Permits can only be obtained through travel agents. So that visitors have to sign a contract with tour agents firstly and prepare the related documents, and then your agents can apply for the Permit for you.
For applying for a Tibet Entry Permit, the following documents and information are needed:
1. A copy of your Passport;
2. A copy of your China visa (tourist visa);
3. Full names, gender, Date of Birth, occupation, nationality, and passport number.

III. How to Avoid Mountain Sickness
It is easy for travelers to get mountain sickness when in Tibet. Here are some tips for you to avoid.

1. Before departure, have a physical examination and consult your doctor whether it is suitable or not.
2. If your body permits, you can then seek the advices from your friends who have ever been to Tibet before or from other channels, such as internet.
3. Do not use oxygen equipment frequently and try to acclimate yourself to the high altitude.
4. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, and eat too much.
5. Do not do anything strenuous and have a good rest when feeling tired.
6. It is quite cold at night so that keep warm when bathing.

IIII. What to Pack
1. ID card, Travel Permit
2. backpack to free your hands
3.  Chill-proof clothes to keep warm
4. Medicine for colds, diarrhea, nausea and fever
5. Sunglasses, sunhat and sunscreen to protect against sunburn

IIIII. Tibetan taboos
There are many taboos you have to follow when traveling in Tibet.
1. When you walk with the elders, let the elders go first.
2. Use both hands to accept or give things.
3. Do not spit or clap behind Tibetan.
4. Do not touch other’s head by hand.
5. Do not throw any bones into fire.
6. When you talk, add "la" behind the name to express respects.
7. When you are presented a cup of ghee tea, do not take until the host holds the cup with both hands.
8. When the host fills the cup, you should lower the cup a little with both hands to show respect.
9. Do not step on threshold when entering the tent or house.
10. Go around pagodas, monasteries or Mani piles clockwise when seeing them.
11. Do not cross any musical instruments and any fire-pans used in the Buddhist mass.
12. Do not relieve yourself near any cattle pens, sheep folds or horse stables.
13. In the tent, men sit on the left side, and women on the right side.
14. Do not use paper with Tibetan characters as tissue or wipe off mess with the paper.
15. On the outskirts, you could not drive or disturb the sheep or cows with red, green or yellow cloth strips on
16. When there is patient or when a woman is giving birth, a sign, such as fire, branch, and red cloth tag will be placed in the doorway. Do not enter the house if you see the sign.
17. When the host presents you a cup of wine, you should dip your ring finger in the wine and flick the wine in the air three times to express your respects to the heaven, the earth and the ancestors and the take a sip. The host will fill the cup, and you take a sip of the wine again. After the host fills your cup for the fourth time, you have to bottom it up.