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Tips on Women Travelers


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China has relatively low crime rates. On one hand, guns and controlled cutter are prohibited to buy, sell and carry in China. On the other hands, all famous attractions have the police to maintain order and protect the tourists.
However, for women travelers, there are still some tips to follow:

1. Copy the passports, visas and other documents, and keep them separately with the original ones in case of theft.
2. Better travel with friends together and better stay at room in remote villages, rural attractions at night.
3. Dress conservatively to avoid the attention of criminals.
4. Keep your valuables in a secure place and always pay attention to your bag in the crowded scenic spots.
5. Ask your guide to help you buy souvenirs at vendors outside and near the entrance of attractions.
6. Better take the hotel recommended by travel agent or from feedback of travelers, for these hotels are with better reputation security and location than the illegal ones.
7. Keep away from hospitable strangers. Never leave luggage to a stranger, or have drinks offered by strangers.