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Tips on Yangtze Cruise


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Yangtze Cruise
Actually, Yangtze Cruise contains two lines, upstream cruise and downstream cruise.

Upstream: Yichang-Chongqing
1.Advantages: more extensive appreciation of the sights and more activities and entertainments on board
2. Disadvantages: night sailing

Downstream: Chongqing-Yichang
1.Advantages: no night sailing and more time on shore.
2. Disadvantages: no extensive appreciation of the sights

A. Before boarding
1. Have a dinner and purchase enough snacks and water. They are more expensive than those on land.
2. In case of motion sickness during the cruise, make sure to bring the correct medicine and do not eat greasy and acidic foods. Coffee, bread, grains, bacon are advised.

B. On board
1. Food in Chinese and western style are served in buffet style, and typical Chinese table service will be provided. For Muslim or vegetarian, please contact your guide in advance.
2. Listen to your guide when shore excursions and get back as your guide required for the ship has time arrangements.

C. Ships and Stateroom
1. Ships ranging from five-star to three-star are available in western or eastern styles.
2. As the stateroom, Standard Twin, Single and Deluxe Suites are provided depending on your preference.