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Travel with Kids


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Travelling with a baby is quite different and difficult. You must be mentally prepared, because it needs your care in every aspect and in every second. For a happy journey with your baby, a lot of preparation has to be done in advance.

1 Have a Physical Examination
Have an examination to make sure that your baby is in good physical condition and suits for this trip. Meanwhile, you can enquire the doctor, what kind of diease will be prone to happen during the trip and how to deal with it.

2 Select Appropriate Destinations
When you try to select the destinations, you would better avoid the crowded or noisy places and tend to places like beach and natural scenic spots.

3 Find Accompaniers
Better travel with your husband or friends so that you can get help at any time when your baby encountering with problems.

4 Make Flexible Plans
Your trip must be flexible to adjust your baby. If your baby feels tired, you have to slow down or stop to have a rest. If in the hotel, you can allow your baby to play in the shallow pool. Besides, find the right time that baby can fall asleep easily when you are on the vehicles. In a word, a private tour is a better choice for those with babies.

5 Bring Enough Water, Snack and Toys
Give your baby a bag of delicious snack when your baby feel hungry or unhappy; give your baby a lovely toy as a surprise at the rest time. These are good ways to improve your baby’s interest.

6 Pay More Attention to Safety
When near the mountains or water and in the crowded places, you must keep your baby within your range of vision. Dress your baby in a brightly colored coat and put some cards you’re your name and phone number in your baby’s pocket, which will help you and your baby find each other.

7 On the Way

On the plane, it is more convenient with a baby if you accept the seat on side. And on the train, if you have lower berth in the train, you will have more room to let your baby play around you. So that traveling on the appropriate seat will adds your happiness.