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What to Pack


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If you are going to have a trip to China, the following recommended suggestions are useful when preparing your packages. Besides, you are advised to check your preparations twice with your agents to make sure a comfortable trip.

In China, Luggage for air travel is limited to two pieces for first class travelers and one piece for business and economy class travelers. The dimensions of each shall not exceed 20X40X55cm with the total weight shall not exceed 5 kg.

The Packing List
1. Passports with necessary Visas and related documents, or copies of the above-mentioned documents (keep the originals and the copies separately.)
2. The tickets of Airline, Cruise or Train
3. Credit Card, Medicine and vitamins, First-aid kit, Wallet
4. Expensive jewelry and watches are not advised.
5. Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, depending on your location and time of travel. Traveling in Tibet, they are all necessary for the whole year.
6. Seasonal clothes and comfortable shoes suitable for walking.
7. Portable electrical chargers because of China's 220V voltage
8. Keep some money in small bills separately, which is more convenient and safer than Credit Card when purchasing travel souvenirs and tipping.