• Dali Landscape Hotel Star: 4 Star;
    Location: Dali
    Address: 96 Yu'er Road

    The Landscape Hotel (Lanlinge Jiudian) is located in Dali's ancient historical quarter at the foot of Cang Shan (Mt. Cang)facing the Erhai Sea.

    It's the only hotel in the region designed in the Bai Minority's courtyard style. On offer are ...

    1. Dali Landscape Hotel

  • Dali Regent Hotel Star: 5 Star;
    Location: Dali
    Address: Yu'er Road

    Situated on Yu'er Road in Dali's Ancient Town, the Regent Hotel (Dali Fenghua Xueyue Dajiudian) is at the foot of Cang Mountain and faces the Erhai Sea.

    This Dali hotel features a Bai Minority architecture style and a great variety of acco...

    1. Dali Regent Hotel

  • Asia Star Hotel Star: 4 Star;
    Location: Dali
    Address: Tourist Resort

    The Dali Asian Star Hotel (Dali Yaxing Dajiudian) is one of the stand-out Dali hotels. It is located between Xiaguan and Dali Ancient Town, near the snow-capped Cang Mountain and Erhai Lake. This unbeatable location allows you to fully appreciate ...

    1. Asia Star Hotel