Gyangtse Hotel

  • Gyangtse Hotel

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Gyangtse Hotel is a 3-star hotel with floor space of 56,000 square meters and building area of 12.000 square meters. The hotel has 120 rooms and 230 beds, including western-style and Tibetan-style standard luxurious rooms and etc. TV sets and hot water supply are available the whole day; comfortable Tibetan superior blankets are also offered in the Tibetan-style rooms. In the hall with sunlight, you can enjoy best service coupled with Tibetan-style dishes.

-in the center of the ancient city, Gyantse;
-260 kilometers to Lhasa and 212 kilometers to Yatung;
-90 kilometers to Shigatse.

Disabled facilities, Gymnasium, Laundry facilities, Reception, Room service, Sauna, Shopping arcade

Hotel restaurants provide Chinese cuisine especially Tibet food