Heng Sheng Peninsula International Hotel

  • Heng Sheng Peninsula International Hotel

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Heng Sheng Peninsula International Hotel in Shanghai welcomes both local and international travellers. An international top-class facility under the management by Shanghai International Convention Center, located in the heart of the business center with convenient access to The Bund, Nanjing Road and Pudong. Perfect for both business and pleasure visitors.
With an easy drive time of 30 minutes from Hong Qiao International Airport or an hours drive from Pudong International Airport.

-3 kilometers to train tickets;
-5 kilometers to Hongqiao airport;
-15 kilometers to Pudong airport;
-50 kilometers to the bund.

Fitness facilities,  Sauna,  Disco,  Karaoke,  Chess/poker room,  Pool/billiards room,  Indoor swimming pool

Western, Chinese food to seafood, French cuisine, Japanese diet, Southeast food