Shanghai Washington Inn Hotel

  • Shanghai Washington Inn Hotel

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Shanghai Washington Inn Hotel, situated at 3246 Zhou Jia Zui Road, Yang Pu District, Shanghai, is near to Shuangyang Road, and can be accessed through the exit of Zhou Jia Zui Road (Near Shuang Yang Road). This hotel is near the World Expo Development Zone which lies beside Yang pu Bridge, and has only 8 minutes’ drive from prosperous Wu Jiao Chang business area.

-about 15 minutes’ drive from the Bund;
-about 15 minutes’ drive form Shanghai Train Station;
-about 20 minutes’ drive from Pudong Lujiazui Finance and Trade Center;
-about 20 minutes’ drive from the People’s Square;
-about 35 minutes’ drive from Pudong International -Conference and Exhibition Center;
-about 35 minutes’ drive from Hongqiao Airport (via Mid-ring Road);
-about 45 minutes’ drive from Pudong Airport.

foot massage,sauna facilities,a chess & card room

delicious meal combo, simple business meal,a special Japanese bar