The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel

  • The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel

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The 4-star Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel is founded in 1995. It is located against the back of the picturesque Mingsha Sand Dunes. The hotel captures the spirit of the Tang Dynasty with its unique architectural design - the large rooftops and long corridors of the Han and Tang dynasties; the typical enclosed courtyard style design and mud walls of the northwestern part of China; and the replica of the late Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties furniture. All these work together to recapture the flavor of a bygone era with their simplicity and use of natural building materials.

-5km (10-min-drive) to the city center;
-16km (30-min-drive) to the airport;
-5k (10-min-drive) to the exhibition center;
-4km (10-min-drive) to the long distance bus station.

Gym, Swimming pool, Chess room, Sauna, Karaoke, Beauty salon, Billiards, Massage, Table tennis ,Main building conference hall

Fengyi restaurant (Sichuan, Cantonese and local cuisines), Fengshi restaurant (Western pastry), Fengle restaurant, Zhaixing restaurant (Chinese and Western pastries)