Yangtze Cruise Calendar

The Yangtze Cruises we provided here are usually 4,5-star foreign-related cruise ships, called flowing Star Hotel. Along with majestic Three Gorges Dam, elegant Shennong Stream, mysterious Fengdu Ghost Town and water-surrounded Shaibao Town, the different seasons of Yangtze River have distinguishing views, such as April-June is the time to watch flourishing flowers, July-September is the time to escape from the hot, and October-November is the time to enjoy the red maple leaves. However, no matter in which season, the cultural and recreational activities on the cruise-Cultural Lecture, Dancing & Sing Performance, Taiji Exercise, Mahjong Competition, the rich breakfast buffet and marvelous sichuan cuisines, will give you a pleasant and unique China tour memory.Consultation On-line


Cruise Date Chongqing Yichang(downstream 4days) Yichang Chongqing(upstream 5days) Chongqing Shanghai(downstream 7days/upstream 9days)
Feb.1 Sun.
Feb.2 Mon.
Feb.5 Thu.
Feb.6 Fri.
Feb.8 Sun.
Feb.9 Mon.
Feb.12 Thu.
Feb.15 Sun.
Feb.19 Thu.
Feb.22 Sun.
Feb.26 Thu.