Yangtze Cruise Calendar

The Yangtze Cruises we provided here are usually 4,5-star foreign-related cruise ships, called flowing Star Hotel. Along with majestic Three Gorges Dam, elegant Shennong Stream, mysterious Fengdu Ghost Town and water-surrounded Shaibao Town, the different seasons of Yangtze River have distinguishing views, such as April-June is the time to watch flourishing flowers, July-September is the time to escape from the hot, and October-November is the time to enjoy the red maple leaves. However, no matter in which season, the cultural and recreational activities on the cruise-Cultural Lecture, Dancing & Sing Performance, Taiji Exercise, Mahjong Competition, the rich breakfast buffet and marvelous sichuan cuisines, will give you a pleasant and unique China tour memory.Consultation On-line


Cruise Date Chongqing Yichang(downstream 4days) Yichang Chongqing(upstream 5days) Chongqing Shanghai(downstream 7days/upstream 9days)
Nov.1 Sun.
Nov.2 Mon.
Nov.3 Tue.
Nov.4 Wed.
Nov.5 Thu.
Nov.6 Fri.
Nov.7 Sat.
Nov.8 Sun.
Nov.9 Mon.
Nov.10 Tue.
Nov.11 Wed.
Nov.12 Thu.
Nov.13 Fri.
Nov.14 Sat.
Nov.15 Sun.
Nov.16 Mon.
Nov.17 Tue.
Nov.18 Wed.
Nov.19 Thu.
Nov.20 Fri.