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  • Wuxi Nightlife

  • Along the wonderful daytime touring, the nightlife of Wuxi will not disappoint you also. Bars, clubs, cafés, teahouses and shopping malls are ready for your excess energy. Zhongshan Road, Wuai Square, 1912 Street are the right places to see the prosperity of this city with colorful nightlife. Among them, the 1912 Street, which have many bars, shopping malls, theaters, cinemas, offers nightlife to suit every interest.


    • 1. Bar, Teahouse, Clubs

    (1) Wuxi 1/2 Bar
    Location: Tonghui E. Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2621577
    Features: with an area of 400 square meters, it was designed by a New Zealand architect and boasts one of the few professional bars in Wuxi.
    Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

    (2) Tianle Teahouse
    Location: Changjiang N. Rd. Wuxi
    Tel: +86 0510 5213084
    Features: enjoy the scenery of Wuxi while sipping tea.
    Opening Hours: 9am-11pm

    (3) Bifuyi Cafe
    Location: 6th floor, Babaiban Shopping Mall, Zhongshan. Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2726688-869
    Open: 9am-midnight

    (4) Yuxian Teahouse
    Location: 89-1 Houxixi
    Tel: +86 0510 2707575
    Open: 10am-11pm
    Features: Nice and quiet surroundings, good service and reasonable price.

    (5) Shangdao Cafe
    Location: 28 Jiankang Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2737131
    Open: 10am-10pm
    Features:serves authentic Italian coffee.


    • 2. Theatres and Concerts

    (1) Wuxi Grand Theatre
    Location: Renmin W. Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2724680
    Features: Shows local opera
    Open: 8pm-10pm

    (2) Dazhong Theatre
    Location: 90 Renmin Middle Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2723174
    Open: 8pm-10pm


    • 3. Cinema

    (1) Jiefang Cinema
    Location: 65 Wuqiao E. Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2616694
    Open: 9am-10pm
    Features:oldest cinemas in Wuxi, but recently renovated.

    (2) Oscar Cinema
    Location: Renmin W. Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2739834
    Features:largest cinema in Wuxi.
    Open: 9am-11pm


    • 4. Others

    (1) Happy World Amusement Center
    Location: 7th floor, Babaiban Shopping Mall, Zhongshan. Rd.
    Tel: +86 0510 2733124
    Features:the largest and one of the most popular places among locals. It is equipped with many amusement facilities, such as billiards, an Internet cafe, roller-skating, karaoke, sauna, massage, etc.
    Open: 5am-midnight.

    (2) Mediterranean Fitness Center
    Location: 506 Wu'ai Rd. Wuxi
    Tel: +86 0510 2704547
    Open: 11am-10pm