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  • Xian Climate

  • Xian, situated in the southern part of the Guanzhong Plain in Shaanxi province with Qinling Mountains to the south and Weihe River to the north, has a mild continental monsoon climate with distinct seasons - a warm but changeable spring, a scorching and wet summer, a cool and rainy autumn and an arid and chilly winter. The annual temperature averages 13.5C (56.3F). The frequent rainstorm in summer brings moderate rainfall, which takes up most of the annual precipitation. And when autumn comes in the city, overcast and rainy days dominates the weather.

    In spring, the temperature increases rapidly, but fluctuatably. The average temperature increases from7.9C in March to 14.1C in April and 19.4C in May. About 25 percent of the annual rainfall occurs in spring, but that is not bad news for travelers. The pleasant temperature, the gentle breezes, and the warm sunshine portrays a vigorous image if Xian, during which outdoor activities and hiking are suitable.

    In summer, Xian is a city with scorch and humidity. Xian is among one of the “streaming boxes”. The average temperature in the hottest month is 32C and the maximum number climax to 40C occasionally.

    It is a difficult to stand the oppressive heat in this streaming box. The Rainfall is also concentrated in these days. And the rain season occupies 8 to 11 days of the month. Though in autumn, Xian also experiences a fair amount of precipitation from September to November. The autumn of Xian is cool and overcast in the early days, but usually fine later. Winter of Xian lasts from December to February, which is a period of chilliest, snow and sandstorms, with an average temperature of 0C.

    All in all, the days in April and May have pleasant weather and the days in September and October are cool, which are the best time to visit the time-honored city.