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  • Xian Food and Restaurants

  • Has been capital in many dynasties in the history of ancient China, Xian is rich in food culture related to imperial families emphasizing on elaborate dishes. Besides, influenced by the northeastern cuisines and local ingredients, food here are mainly breads, noodles and dumplings.
    Moreover, as an international city, Xian has numerous foreign restaurants featuring western foods, local foods etc.


    • 1. Here listed below is the most famous Xian Local food

    Yangrou Paomo
    Break the wheat-flour flat bread into several slices, and then soak the slices into the mutton stock with noodles and vegetables poured on top, and sometimes accompanied by cloves of pickled garlic


    • 2. Here listed below are the most famous Xian snacks

    (1) Guan Tang Baozi (Steamed buns filled with sauce)
    A combination of mutton, beef, prawn, vegetable with flour

    (2) Rou Jia Mo (grilled bread stuffed with minced pork)
    Grilled bread stuffed with minced pork with a bowl of filling soup will give you a nice experience

    (3) Shaanxi Liangpi (Cold Noodles)
    Cold noodles with various toppings, such as soy sauce, vinegar, garlic oil, bean sprouts, chives and other invigorating vegetables and seasonings, is common to see at any street restaurant in Xian, and loved by the locals in summer.


    • 3. Here listed below are the most typical Food Streets in Xian

    (1) Damaishi Street Muslim Snack Street
    A snack street with big and small restaurants selling pork-free Muslim delicacies, such as Guan Tang Baozi (Steamed buns filled with sauce), Rou Jia Mo (grilled bread stuffed with minced pork) and Shaanxi Liangpi (Cold Noodles) etc.
    Address: Damaishi Nan Street, Xian

    (2) Beiyuanmen Night Market
    Offering traditional Xian snacks, such as Pingwa Roasted Pork, Jiasan Guantang Baozi(Steamed buns filled with sauce) and Lamb Soup etc
    Address:Bell and Drum Tower Square, Xian