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  • Xian Nightlife

  • One of the great delights of Xian is the way in which our ancient culture blends with the new in order to give the visitor a memorable experience of life in the city both as it was long ago and as it is today.


    Here listed some places to go at night:

    • 1.Night View

    (1) Bell and Drum Tower Area
    In the evening both the Bell Tower and Drum Tower are illuminated and provide a striking setting for the numerous traditional Chinese restaurants and bright modern shopping malls, snacks and foods in the gate of Bell Tower and nearby Muslim Snack Street etc.

    (2) North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
    Here has the largest music fountain square in Asia.


    • 2.Cinema

    (1) Pang Gong Cinema
    Location: 61 Zhubashi Street, near Drum Tower

    (2) Northwest Film City
    Location: 323 Dong Ave, 500 meters to the east of the Bell Tower


    • 3.Discos

    1+1 Disco Bar
    Top class lighting and acoustics offers a variety of shows and dances daily.
    Location: 285 Dong Ave.


    • 4.KTVs

    (1) Real Love
    Location: located in Nan Erchuan Road

    (2) Xialudi Karaoke
    Location: 23 Yanta Bei Road

    • 5. Others

    (1) Defu Xiang (De Fu Lane)
    There are over twenty bars, cafes and teahouses here, such as Roman Holiday, Blue Heart, Captain, Old Tree, etc.

    (2) Tang Dynasty Dinner Show
    Tang Dynasty is regarded as the most progressive and prosperous era in the days of Imperial China and its music and dance is regarded as the glory and splendor of Chinese civilization.

    (3) Tang Dynasty Theatre Restaurant
    Location: 75 Chang'an Rd