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Fengdu Ghost City


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Fengdu Ghost City Facts

The Fengdu Ghost City is situated in Fengdu County about 170 kilometers downstream from Chongqing on the north bank of the Yangtze. It is a Yangtze cruise tourist attraction featuring buildings and ghosts modeling a hell. The Fengdu Ghost City is unique in the world for its towering trees and numerous temples enshrined various gods and ghosts in the hell governing the ghost world by severe laws in legend.It is reputed as the home of souls and legendary songs in China.


  • Legends about the Fengdu Ghost City


Legend has it that here is the end-result place where souls return after death. it is believed that after death people would have their spirits registered at the Hell of Fengdu, and the dead spirit would be sent by the two

Impermanence to the City of Ghosts - passing the Naihe Bridge, obtaining his "Guide" (entrance permit) issued by the " Hell Government" before entering the Gate of the Hell, being reviewed and questioned by 10 Yama officials, and finally waiting for the decision of delivery from the King of the Hell. Sinful people are downgraded to suffer at the Hell with 18 stories, and they will be reborn to the next world as animals or cattle; sinless people will be reborn as human beings after having a wonderful time up in the paradise, and before they are allowed to return to the human world, they are given the last chance to look at his folks living in the human world at the Home-Looking Platform, and required to drink a memory-kill soup thus to forget all his past memories and experiences.