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Qutang Gorge


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Qutang Gorge Facts

Qutang Gorge is the shortest, narrowest and deepest but the most spectacular one among the Three Gorges. From Baidi Town, Qutang Gorge wanders roughly eastward in a snaking way for the next 8 kilometers to the town of Daixi, along a path dictated by mountain peaks and by the valleys ravines that separate them.


Qutang Gorge Features

The most spectacular sight of Qutang Gorge is Kuimen, which has been marveled as "the most dangerous pass of the world." As soon as the roaring Yangtze River rushes into the gorge, it meets head-on with the imposing Kuimen Rocky mountains rise perpendicularly like walls on both sides of the river squeezing the broad river into a narrow ribbon threading its way in the gorge. The turbulent waters flowing in the deep gorge along a continuous line of peaks make a most magnificent picture.

Qutang Gorge also boasts its historical sites. There are ancient Baidi Town, the dangerous Tie Suo Pass, the breathtaking Ancient Plank Roads and the mysterious Fengxiang Crevices on the north bank, and Fenbi Tang, the Phoenix-Drinking Spring, Meng Liang Ladder, and Daodiao Heshangshi on the south bank.