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Shibaozhai Facts

Shibaozhai, literally means Stone Treasure Fortress, is located in Zhong County, at the south bank of the Yangtze River, 278 km away from Chongqing.


Structures of Shibaozhi


It was built by wood in Qing Dynasty in 1750. This wooden architecture stands on the riverside. It is built by catch upon a rectangular rock with sheer cliffs with a height of 56 meters and 12 stories. And every floor of the wooden structure contains interesting artifacts. Climbing the 12 stories is not as difficult as it may sound because the paintings and sculptures on each level are worth enjoying. The statue enshrined in temple on the top flat looks not quite uniform.

Local people enshrine GuanYu (who is known as military god in Chinese) in the first room of the temple for there was local troop gathered here, and in the second room, the Yu Huang and the baby-birthing god. In addition to the murals, sculptures in this wooden architecture, the view of the river and the farms and village below is terrific. And there were two unusual interesting features of the Shibaozhai fortress. The first is the Duck Well at the top of the hill. The Rice Flowing Well is the second feature. Legend has it that enough rice would flow out of the small well hole every day to support the monks that lived in the temple and their guests. However, one day a greedy monk chiseled a bigger hole in the rock, thinking he would get more rice. But the rice flow ceased forever.