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Wuxia Gorge


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  • Wuxia Gorge Facts

Wuxia Gorge stretches 45 kilometers long west to east from the mouth of the DanningRiver in Wushan County in Chongqing to Guandukou in Badong County, Hubei Province.


  • Wuxia Gorge Features

Wu Gorge, as the second gorge of the Three Gorges, strikes the people with its depth, serenity, remoteness and unique beauty. It is said of Wu Gorge that it is a veritable gallery of beautiful sights, including the verdant, forest-clad slopes that enclose it on either side as well as the "witches' brew", with their ever-changing shapes, that hover overhead, trapped in this narrow, steep-walled canyon, where the sun only shines directly for a short period each day. The Gorge is flanked with towering peaks and steep cliffs. “The Twelve Peaks" of Mount Wu is towering and graceful and is the highlight of this gorge.