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Yellow Dragon Cavern

An underground karst cave in the northeast of Suoxiyu Valley, it is about 15 km deep, 140 meters high and covers 48 hectares. Besides, it is one of the earliest caves open for tourism and it is known as the wonder of the world caves.

Yellow Dragon Cavern is a typical Karst cave, an area of irregular limestone in which erosion has produced fissures, underground streams, and caverns. It could be divided into two parts. One it the dry cave, and the other one is the water cave. Here is really a fantastic and natural world. Stalactites, stalagmites, stone blossoms, stone curtains, stone branches, stone canals, stone pearls, and stone macrospores can be seen here and there in the cavern. As the caves, most of the caves are in caves, and some of the caves may lead to many others.


The features of the Yellow Dragon Cavern can be summarized into six sentences.



First, it has numerous mysterious caves.    

Second, it boasts to be one of the largest of the karst caverns in China.

Third, the limestone in the cavern is a variety of fantastic shapes.

Fourth, the limestone here is colorful, glittering and translucent.

Fifth, the limestone and the water here sometimes give out attractive sounds, like music from heaven.

Finally, boating is possible in the under streams in the cavern.