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  • Zhangjiajie Climate

  • Located in the west hilly areas of Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie has a humid subtropical monsoon climate with distinct seasons. The annual temperature averages 16℃ with the average rainfall of 1400mm, and the average sunshine of 1440 hours. The hottest month in Zhangjiajie is July with an average temperature of 27℃. And the coldest month is January with an average of about 4.3℃

    The average altitude of Zhangjiajie is 183 meters above the sea level, but the highest scenic spots area has an altitude of 000 meters above the sea level. So the temperature in the scenic area fluctuates greatly according to the altitude, varying from minus to 10℃.

    As a result of lying in the hilly areas, the city and the surrounding scenic areas is mild and cool in climate. You can travel there at any season. But generally speaking, April and October are the best time to go traveling, during which you can enjoy the most beautiful natural sights in Zhangjiajie.

    After snowing in Zhangjiajie, the scenic area becomes a snowy and white world. It looks a appealing fairyland on the earth.